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Grooming and Self Wash

Get Your Groom On If you have an account already Please Log In to book an appointment or view your grooming appointments Grooming Appointments You don't need an account to Go Get It →

Plan a Pet-Safe Christmas and Festive Season Gatherings

House Rules: If our animal-loving guests would like to give your pets a little extra attention and exercise while you’re busy basting the turkey, ask them to feel free to Go Get It →

Christmas Pet Caution

Christmas Tree Cat TellingTAILS Pet Supplies Grooming ChelmsfordBe Cautious with Decorations and Seasonal Plants Toss out the Tinsel: Kitties love this sparkly, light-catching strands that are easy to bat around and carry in their mouths. But if they swallow Go Get It →

Pet Festive Season Food Perils

Christmas Pet Perils TellingTAILS Pet Supplies Grooming ChelmsfordPrevent the Festive Season Food Perils Remove the Remnants: Fatty, spicy human foods, as well as turkey or ham bones, should not be fed to our furry friends. Cooked bones Go Get It →

Azilda Gets Second Sudbury Dog Park

Vic and Dorice Dusty with their dog Snow, and Kelly Shirran with her dog Cuzemoe, at the Azilda Dog Park on Monday evening. There are no dugouts, but you can Go Get It →