Yeast Overgrowth and Leaky Gut Syndrome

Yeast seems to be a biggy everywhere, mostly due to the over consumption of refined high carb pet foods.

Of course everyone raves about probiotics for yeast control which makes perfect sense if you are human but in the case of a dog not so easy. The pH of the dogs stomach at rest is pH 2, pretty acidic and when he eats it actually goes lower to pH 1 very acidic and may stay that way digesting meat for 8 hours at this pH until the slurry is released into the intestinal tract. So most probiotics and even the ones for dogs are made for human use and have a pH resistance of 3 for maybe 3 hours therefore it is most likely killed off in the lower pH of the dogs stomach, it simply cannot survive the acidity and certainly length of time. There are some that use faecium and other strains that survive acidity levels but they will need to be very potent to have a big effect in terms of improving intestinal tract function.

Sometimes it is just better to stop feeding the yeast, feed the good bacteria, and provide a better environment for the good bacteria.

Lactic acid fermented food will do this very well, like Kefir and lactic acid fermented vegetables. Kefir is not really a probiotic, it isn’t made from milk fermenting bacteria (lactobacillus acidophilus) but made from milk coagulating bacteria (bacillus coagulans) and will pass through the stomach. Make sure to buy just plain old simple Kefir and not all the fancy flavourful stuff on the shelves.

BiologicVet’s BioSKIN & COAT and the BioFATS is an excellent combination for this condition. The BioSKIN & COAT will help calm things down due to its antihistamine effect and the added pancrelipase supports the pancreas to help digest those excess carbs better so the yeast don’t like them so much. The base of the product and this is in all of the powders is a certified organic defatted seed blend of flax, sunflower and sesame that feed the good bacteria which will in turn suppress the yeast. The flax and sesame also provide excellent levels of lignans (1mg per pound of dog weight) that balance hormone function supporting the adrenal gland especially when the dog has been spayed or neutered.

The BioFATS is made up of flax, salmon and olive oil along with pancrelipase again for fat digestion this time will help repair the damaged mucosal linings of the intestinal tract closing up the leakage of protein loss into the blood stream the yeast have caused known as leaky gut syndrome.

When there are severe allergies and protein intolerances and the dog is on a protein rotation diet BiologicVet’s BioSENIOR or BioSPORT for the L-glutamine, L-glutamine really works well on repairing the intestinal mucosal linings in severe cases. The BioSENIOR also has the same added pancrelipase so an extra dose of this.

Using BiologicVet is going to help get the intestinal tract back in shape but it is much easier to use this when the food is also changed to a grain free, low carb, low glycemic food. Nutrience Naturals is an excellent food that does meet these dietary requirements. In some cases a raw diet or freeze dried food like Stella & Chewy’s may be necessary to correct the problem.

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